Monday, November 15, 2010

Repotting, repotting, repotting

I am still praying that the branch I cut from my Grandmother's Kenanga will take root. Those beautiful flowers and gorgeous scent haunt me in the garden. Bik seems hopeful, I am not so sure.

Meanwhile, I have been busy transfering and repotting my giant keladi and other plants.

This type in particular, I managed to repot in five pots. Their roots looked too cramped in their earlier pots, hampering a lovely display.

Here are easy plants to repot that even a child can handle. By the way, Inas and I attended a re-potting session at the lake Club some years back. Lovely experience - getting children to be involved in the garden.

A living inheritance from generation to generation.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My little gardener, Ikesha

Ikesha loves being in the garden. She planted the pomegranate. Hopefully her tree will bear fruit like this.

She knows already that Aloe Vera is good for minor cuts.

And finally learned not to pluck unripe ciku!

Most of all, she loves to 'water' the plants and to run about.