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Monthly feature - August 2009 - The growing garden

August 2009

Fasting month is upon us once again. And we have only one rozelle tree left! Sadly, it has not been good year for the garden. Since Ikesha has been exploring and playing (sure...blame it on the kid) we have been having water balloon races and 'bring the pool out' on Sundays. And BBQs! And cartwheels on the lawn.

But I am proud to announce that my passionfruit is overtaking another section of the fence. In addition to that, I have 3 other households growing offsprings of our passionfruit tree.

I feel like a grandma checking on their progress and answering questions like "When shall we prune the vines? and "Will it bear fruit this year?"

July 2009

Rudi is raiding 'my garden' for bunga kantan and wild ginger flowers to decorate his restaurant and bar "Charlies Reserve" at Wisma MAA. Yes, if you happen to see those blooms there, I am the gardener who lovingly nurtured those exotic flowers.

January 2009

A Garden For Living
Friends and family come over for tea - what a lovely way to show off our ripening passionfruit.

Here is Megat, Kak Long's best friend actually showing Ilena how to fly a kite.

And our lovely lady of the garden - Bunga kantan and her faithful neighbour, Aloe Vera

November 2008

Just last month, I felt I had been waiting forever for my passionfruit to ...well fruit! Checked the internet and found a great article which advised me to start pruning, pruning, pruning at least one third of my verdant foliage.

And lo and behold, my green vigorous vines began to flower and here is the result...a promising start to passionfruit harvest.

October 2008

This month, our wild ginger and its cousin, the torch ginger (bunga kantan) began to flower. So did our aloe vera in abundance. The neighbourhood all came to marvel as they had not seen aloe veras bloom before. I assured them, of course they do. For my grandmother's beloved aloe veras never failed to flower as they welcomed guests from their stately throne, flanking the sides of the grand entrance staircase of the old chengal house in Chenor, Pahang.

However, the crowning glory for October is our Ciku tree. It is hardly six feet tall, yet ladened with the juiciest, sweetest fruits ever. Ikesha can't wait for them to ripen and cheekily picks ' those small cikus' off the lowest branches - hardly two feet off the ground - to see if we would come running to say 'No, Ikesha, no!' This is the ciku tree's third year and certainly, its greatest yield so far.

The passion fruit plant is rambling free throughout our fence - but no fruits yet. We'll see!

I love our 'rambutan anak sekolah', longan and mangos - drinking from the sun and growing slowly but steadily.

We are truly blessed, and never forget to be thankful.


September Special 2008

For fasting month this year we enjoyed our own rozelle drink from the garden! Excellent replacement for the perennial sirap and sugarcane drink that used to be a favourite.

Try it!

Our own Recipe

Rozelle flowers boiled with water and sugar
Add lime juice
Served chilled

Great thirst quencher packed with vitamin C!

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