Sunday, October 31, 2010

Patah Tumbuh Hilang Berganti

Bunga kenanga berputik kembali
Tenang sungguh suasana di taman
Patah tumbuh hilang berganti
Pepatah Melayu zaman berzaman

It was quite a tough week. Grandma's funeral and prayers were held in Pekan Pahang from Wednesday, 27th October for three days. When I returned to KL, we were exhausted yet satisfied that we had done all we could for her and met all her expressed wishes.

By Sunday, I felt a need for quiet contemplation. I had, over the last few days drafted a simple ode to grandma which I posted here. But I needed to get my hands dirty and busy in the garden.

So early Sunday morning, I set to re-pot all the overcrowded plants I had. I took the wild gingers, aloe veras and a water orchid to tasks. From one plant, I ended up with six to seven new pots of each plant. The cekur which descended from my late Grandma Jamilah's garden needed repotting as well.

In Pekan, I took a cutting from the Tok Rahmah's favourite kenanga tree. I am trying to encourage rooting - we'll see.

It was many years ago when I inherited Tok Jamilah's 80 year old water pot. Through thick and thin, together with her aloe veras, they have followed me. Now I have Tok Rahmah's century old rice pot as well in my garden.

The garden is slowly shaping up. I am content.


Wan Sharif said...

Je suis content.. to know that you have treasured her water pot, her rice pot,her kenanga tree and not to forget all the lovely memories of her.. May Allah placed her amongst the muqorrobin

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Nino, I so hope the tree cutting takes root so you will have that part of your grandmother in your garden. Gardening is a good project for times of loss - the peacefulness, the growing things which continue the circle of wonderful that you have her rice pot and water pot. And such a lovely garden to sit in the reflect upon her most vibrant and glorious lifetime - such a rich life she led! She must have been so proud of you, your writing, and your heart. Blessings.